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I am a member of the Yahoo Group AQ_AncestralQuest. One of the group members made this request: Please provide steps to include family search ID number in AQ14 He then described the field at the bottom of the Edit Individual screen by saying: FamilySearch ID (greyed out) I would have waited to see what replies …

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API Ancestral Quest has the ability to pass information to and from the FamilySearch Family Tree. To do this, two things are necessary. The user must have established a usercode and password authorizing access to the Family Tree. The program used (in this case Ancestral Quest) must access the FamilySearch Family Tree through the Application …

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Sources Census

Sources Census Sources in Ancestral Quest are composed of three parts. The most inclusive part is the Repository. It can hold many sources. This is where you found the Source you are using. Many other repositories may contain the same source, but these do not concern the documentation of your Source. The Source itself, which …

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Sources or Notes

Using Sources, Citations and Repositories instead of Notes in Ancestral Quest

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Advanced Filter Focus

Advanced Filter Focus: Purpose How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Sometimes it is convenient to work with a sub-group of the entire file. I may want to work with people born in Hertfordshire, England. I may want to work with people born 110 years ago or earlier. I may want …

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Research Manager

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just push a button, and our research would all be done for us? We aren’t there yet, but we’re getting closer. One thing we need to think more about is where we can find the best evidence to back up the claims we make about the events in …

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New Computer

New Computer No, I don’t have one, but I was asked how to move AQ from an old computer to its replacement. It really is easy to do, and there is more than one way to do it. It really isn’t even necessary to move it. 1. If you are using Ancestral Quest Basics (the free …

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Baptism for the Dead

Baptism for the Dead This is primarily for LDS users of Ancestral Quest, because it shows how to find people who have not been baptized. For those who have a non-LDS FamilySearch account, the process works about the same way, but it happens faster. Non-LDS accounts skip the step where they check to see what …

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Update Ordinances

Update Ordinances This applies only to those with an LDS Login to FamilySearch Family Tree. Others will receive the message invalid_grant error during login to FamilySearch: 400. The purpose of this function is to update ordinance information in the local AQ or PAF file, so that it reflects new ordinance activity in Family Tree. To …

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Online Sources

Online Sources Yes, sources are an often discussed and often disputed subject. How should I document things? Should I use Notes for my documentation? Do I really want to save all those images of documents? Is there a better way? I hesitate to suggest that what I am about to present is ‘The Best Way’ …

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