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Custom Event Sentences

In his album, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!, Bob Newhart quoted a monkey which typed, “To be or not to be: that is the gazornenplat.” Sometimes there are sentences that just don’t conform to the expected. For example, we can look at the expected form of the sentence created to describe the Cemetery User Event. …

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Sex Change

Sex Change in AQ? I received an interesting Comment to the article Legal Name Change. Comment: Thanks for this great article. A related issue I’ve been trying to figure out relates to when someone not only changes their name, but also their sex. Is there *any* way to handle this in AQ. (I haven’t found …

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Legal Name Change

I am a member of the Yahoo Group AQ_NFS. This is a forum for people who take advantage of the links available within Ancestral Quest to the FamilySearch Family Tree. A group member posed an interesting question: I have a niece with the Given Name of Ruth Smith, she married and then went by Ruth Jones, …

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