Protect the Living

A member of the [AncestralQuest] user group is using AQ Collaboration to maintain a family surname group with 110,000 individuals. He is concerned about the privacy of living individuals. Here is an approach which goes a long way toward accomplishing that.


The first thing to do in any major undertaking is to make a backup.


Make the name meaningful to you, just in case you really need it some time.


Now that your file is safe, let’s hide those living people. Click the Export icon.


We aren’t really leaving anybody behind. They will all be there. In the top red rectangle, the two first unchecked boxes hide the information for those whom AQ considers Living. (Not Deceased) Since we all do things a little bit differently, I opted to not try to deal with photos. I’ll leave that headache for you to cure. After the red is done, click on the green.


Give a name to the GEDCOM file, and click Export. Now you have a GEDCOM file.


Make a new .aq file, and…


…import your GEDCOM.


Click OK.


It started like this.


It finishes like this.

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  1. Robert Hawkins

    Interesting, Dale. Thank you!!

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