Learn Ancestral Quest with Videos

I tell people that I teach Ancestral Quest at the Ogden FamilySearch Library, and that is almost true. I moderate the class. Most of the teaching is done by Gaylon Findlay, who wrote Ancestral Quest. Gaylon built this capability into the program, and you can use it at home if you have an Internet connection. It is easy to use, repeatable, interruptible, available on your time schedule, and FREE.

Here is how to do it. Start Ancestral quest. After the introductory phase, click Help on the Menu bar.

01 Help

When the menu opens, click on Video Tutorial.

This is what you will see:

02 Web

Select the things which interest you. In my classes we use the videos shown above, We interrupt the video for questions, and hold a discussion after.

Even if you don’t have Ancestral Quest installed on your computer, you can get to the videos by clicking on this LINK.

Suggestions/Questions about AQ Will Do or Subjects discussed here? Leave a Comment.


  1. Anonymous

    Any suggestions for teaching new missionaries about ancestral Quest? The videos are old.

    • I have two suggestions. You are already following the first.

      I use this blog to teach things which are newer than the videos, not explained in the videos, or just difficult to do the first few times. If you haven’t already done it, click on the Follow tag at the lower right corner of the AQWillDo screen, then enter your email address, and confirm by clicking the confirm link in the email which I will send you. This will subscribe you to future posts on this blog. You can unsubscribe at any time.

      The second suggestion is to purchase the Users Guide, and read it. It is well written, and explains details I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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