Roots Tech Connect 2021

It is finally here. Roots Tech Connect 2021. In the past there have been many reasons to not attend Roots Tech. Too far away, too expensive, too inconvenient, just to name a few. Who could take 1-3 days off work and travel to Salt Lake City, Utah?

Now the excuses are gone! It isn’t too far away, it’s on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone. It isn’t too expensive, it’s FREE. It isn’t inconvenient. Even though the event is listed as being held 25 Feb 2021 – 27 Feb 2021, the presentations will all be available at least until Roots Tech 2022 begins. is the URL to get you there, or click the link above.


Well, RootsTech is over, but the links to the venders are still available. I haven’t heard an actual final date, but as I said, I have heard some say that it should be available until RootsTech2022 takes its place. The link above is still active, and it points to the URL listed above.

If you go to the Expo Hall and scroll down, you will see that Ancestral Quest is one of the Bronze Sponsors. If you click that icon it will take you to the Ancestral Quest Virtual Booth. When you are there, click on the Connect button on the lower right corner. That’s where you can join a chat room of people interested in AQ. If you instead click on Direct Messages and scroll down from there, you will see a list of people registered for RootsTech who are related to you. You can click on them and chat with them. They will see your message when they next login to RootsTech.

If you continue to scroll down you will see an invitation to view the ‘Map of My Relatives.’ Here you will see how many of those who registered for RootsTech are related to you. You will also see some of them listed along the left side of the screen. Click on one and you will see that you can Send a Message, View Relationship or Add Friend. View Relationship shows the relative you clicked, then it travels up that ancestry as many as 12 generations, looking for a relative common to both of you. When found, it travels down the other leg of the ladder to show you at the bottom. You can send messages to relatives you may not know, and start a new friendship. You can add relatives to a Friend List. I tried it, but I don’t know yet how to find my Friends List. Let me know if you have had better luck.

One caveat. To use all of the features you must have an account at FamilySearch, and you must be logged on to FamilySearch and RootsTech to get all features to work.

I would like to hear from you!

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