DNA – The Gene in Genealogy

Storing your genome

Ancestral Quest provides for storing the results of your DNA testing. This is done on the More tab of the Edit Individual screen.

01 Individual

To enter your DNA markers click on the DNA Markers… button.

Hers and His

DNA testing is gender specific. Females require mitochondrial testing.  If the person being edited is female, the test type defaults to mtDNA.

02 mt-DNA

If you attempt to select Y-DNA while editing a female, the following warning appears.

03 warn

If you click No, the mtDNA screen returns, however, if you click Yes, the Y_DNA screen is presented. This would be useful only if the “female” had y-chromosomes. Males can be tested for both. The Y-DNA test refers to his paternal line, and the mtDNA test refers to his maternal line.

04 Y-DNA

This is the Y-DNA entry screen. It has fields for specific markers. Enter the value returned for each specific  marker. If additional markers are returned, use the Other Markers portion of the screen. Click the Add button and the following screen will appear.

05 Y-Additional

Enter the Locus ID: and the Value: then click OK. These values can be highlighted later, and deleted or modified as needed.

To enter mt-DNA results, enter  the HVR1 mutation marker or the HVR2 mutation marker in the appropriate column, then click Add. These values can be removed or modified later as needed.

06 TestIDl

The top section of each entry screen is where you record the information about the test itself. There is space provided for the name of the Testing Company, the Date of Test, the Test ID, and your Haplogroup. If your Testing Company is not listed in the drop-down window, select Other and put the name in the field to the right. Be sure to enter this information.

The help screens associated with DNA entry are very good, and you should read them before entering data.

For background information on DNA, follow this LINK to Family Tree DNA and their FAQ page.

Another place to LOOK would be the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.

Still another excellent reference is CeCe Moore’s blog, Your Genetic Genealogist.

From CeCe I learned about 23andme.com. As Agrippa said to Paul, “Almost thou persuadest me….”

DNA testing is an evolving subject. If you are interested, I would suggest that you spend some time with your favorite search engine, researching what is currently available, and what costs are involved.

Suggestions/Questions about AQ Will Do or Subjects discussed here? Leave a Comment.


  1. Blaine R Borrowman

    Fascinating feature!! Anyone know where DNA testing is available in our area?

    • There are several places who do this type of testing, and some are local. Look at the bottom of this article for links. I’ll send you an email.

  2. GFM

    No time!!
    Busy trying to break through brick walls!

    • Understood! Good luck to all of you brick busters out there!!!

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