Incline Software

Incline Software – They Built AQ

Incline software produces Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basics. Ancestral Quest Basics is the free version of Ancestral Quest. To get your free copy, or to purchase the full version:

Hours:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Mountain time

1-800-825-8865 Toll-Free

801-280-4434 Salt Lake Valley    (Utah, United States)

801-254-1147 Fax Online orders, etc. Ancestral Quest Basics (Free version of AQ) Email for product sales Email for product support

Just in case the contact information above changes, you can follow this LINK to their contact page. I’m sure they will keep it up to date.

Suggestions/Questions about AQ Will Do or Subjects discussed here?  Leave a Comment.

Modified 2015-03-29


  1. Paul Greever

    I have one more class of AQ yet to go, so can I purchase it there at the FSC that day? Paul Greever.

    • Yes Paul, you signed up for the class before the change of policy, so you are one of the few who can still get the software.

  2. Is this the same as ancestry,com?

    • No, is a website specializing in selling information obtained from historical documents. Ancestral Quest is software which allows you to maintain your personal file of ancestors and descendants. Incline Sortware is the company which produces Ancestral Quest. would be one possible resource for helping you find your relatives. That was a good question, because the two names are similar, and it can get confusing.

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