Monthly Archives: February, 2013

New Policy

New Policy The Ogden FamilySearch Library has received instructions that we are to no longer sell software and books from software vendors. We will fulfill our commitment to those who were enrolled in classes at the time we received those instructions, on approximately 20 Feb 2013. After those classes have ended, the remaining software and …

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Elucidation One of my first postings was called A bit of humor.┬áHere is why I like that posting. We see the decimal numbering system daily. Our minds are trained from infancy to see things from the decimal perspective. That is why we immediately assign values to the digits we see. We even say the names …

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Family Tree Preparation

Family Tree Preparation This is not a typical AQ Will Do posting. I am concerned about the things I am seeing when I look at the data that will be transferred from the database to the Family Tree. As I have looked through my own family records, I have seen many things with which …

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