AQ Will Do In AQ

You can put AQ Will Do into AQ

You can configure Ancestral Quest to access the lessons here in AQ Will Do with a few simple mouse clicks. Here’s how.


Click on the Internet tab of the Menu Bar, and select Favorite Sites....


This will present the My Favorite Web Sites screen. Click on the Add… button.


This brings up the Add/Edit Favorite Site screen.

Enter AQ Will Do into the Title: field.

Enter into the URL: field.

Leave the Search this site** check box and the Represent space with: field as the are.

Click on the OK button.


AQ Will Do is now listed as one of your favorite sites. Click on the Close button.


When you want to review one of the lessons here at AQ Will Do, click on the Internet tab of the Menu Bar, and select Favorite Sites….


Highlight AQ Will Do, and click on the Connect button.  Your browser will bring up AQ Will Do. You can then view Ancestral Quest and AQ Will Do side by side or flip between the screens from the task bar, for instructions on how to make a complicated task easier.

Suggestions/Questions about AQ Will Do or Subjects discussed here? Leave a Comment.


  1. carol durkee

    Does this only work if you have the “Pay for” version? Mine takes me away from the favorite sites screen when I don’t put in a registration number and just click on the free version.l Thanks, Carol Durkee


    • That’s a good question, but I don’t know the answer. I’ll be at the FamilySEarch Library tomorrow, and I will be able to test it out and give you a better answer then. I don’t have easy access to the free version here at home.

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