Monthly Archives: March, 2013

AQ Version 14.00.9

AQ Version 14.00.9 is now available. On 20 Mar 2013, Incline Software released version 14.00.9 of Ancestral Quest. This change does not involve a change to the Application Program Interface, however it does have corrections for some minor bugs in the last release. Version 14.00.9 is not yet (23 Mar 2013) installed at the Ogden …

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AQ Will Do In AQ

You can put AQ Will Do into AQ You can configure Ancestral Quest to access the lessons here in AQ Will Do with a few simple mouse clicks. Here’s how. Click on the Internet tab of the Menu Bar, and select Favorite Sites…. This will present the My Favorite Web Sites screen. Click on the Add… button. This brings …

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AQ Version 14.00.8

AQ Version 14.00.8 is now available. This change is, in part, because the church has instructed third party vendors that they can no longer combine individuals in the database. Since this is a change in the way Ancestral Quest can affect database records, it is highly advisable for you to download AQ version 14.00.8 …

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