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Relationships I am a member of a Yahoo Group called AncestralQuest. It is a discussion group for people who use the Ancestral Quest program. You can find this group by starting Ancestral Quest, clicking on the Internet tab and selecting Ancestral Quest Home Page. From there, click on Community and select AQ User Groups. Recently, …

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Name Lists

Name Lists …and how to manipulate them Here is a typical Name List. Notice the upward pointing triangle in the red box. The triangle indicates a sorted field. This one is attached to the Name field. We can tell that the field is sorted into ascending order because the triangle points up. Descending sorts point …

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Backup Dates

Backup Dates Ancestral Quest makes backups as a precaution, to protect us from hardware failure, and also as a way to make files smaller, for attaching to emails. It can backup both the PAF file format, and the Ancestral Quest format. We will discuss only the .aqz backups. Users sometimes overlook the fact that they …

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Descendant Research 2014-05-10

Descendant Research In the previous article on Descendant Research, we discussed how to download the descendants of an ancestor from the FamilySearch Family Tree. There is much information available in Family Tree, however, the research on that information is sometimes questionable. I recommend that you not import this information directly into a good file. How then …

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Just what is a GUID? UUID UUID is an acronym for Universally Unique IDentifier. The term is further defined in a document published by  a group called Network Working Group. They defined it this way: “A UUID is 128 bits long, and can guarantee uniqueness across space and time. UUIDs were originally used in the Apollo Network …

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Merge – Simple

Merge – Simple By Merge – Simple, I don’t mean to imply that it is simple to merge. What I mean is that there is more than one way to do this, and the methods vary in complexity. This method is less complex than some others. I sometimes tell my wife that Delete is almost …

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Descendant Research 2014-04-23

Descendant Research What? Descendant research is the practice of selecting one or more distant relatives, and researching their descendants, instead of their ancestors. Why? In ancestor research, the focus sometimes shifts to finding more and more generations. In descendant research, the focus is always on “how wide” instead of “how tall.” Descendant research is a …

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110 Year Rule

110 Year Rule This Lesson is for Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 110 year rule tells us that as a courtesy to more closely related family members, we will not reserve ordinances for deceased individuals born more recently than 110 years ago, without the permission of those living relatives.  This begs …

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Microsoft XP

Microsoft XP This does not concern Ancestral Quest directly, however some of you may be using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will terminate support for Windows XP. This does not mean that it will stop working, but it does mean that Microsoft will no longer send security updates or …

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Direct Links

Direct Links in the Pedigree view Ancestral Quest includes a feature which allows you to see information from when you are in the pedigree view. Before using this feature, information in the pedigree view looks like this. To use this feature, click on the View tab on the menu bar and select Links. …

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