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Online Sources

Online Sources Yes, sources are an often discussed and often disputed subject. How should I document things? Should I use Notes for my documentation? Do I really want to save all those images of documents? Is there a better way? I hesitate to suggest that what I am about to present is ‘The Best Way’ …

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Place Names

Place Names In the Quick Start Video Tutorial, Gaylon Findlay, the author of Ancestral Quest, talked about why it is a good idea to enter any Place Names as City, County, State or Province and Country. He said the following: “It is common practice in genealogy to record places in four levels, as city, county, …

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Event Sentences

Event Sentences We track our ancestors by recording events in their lives, such as Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death and Burial. These are probably the five most sought after, and standardized genealogical events. They are obviously not the only ones. Ancestral Quest comes with a long list of other Event Types which it supports. To see …

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