AQ Version 14.00.13

AQ Version 14.00.13 is here.

This morning, I started Ancestral Quest, and I found this News screen.

01 Announce 01

It may look to you like you should click on the Update button on the left of the red line. If you do, you will not see anything happen. There are two links on the right side of this same line. The link on the far right is the See details link. It brings up the following screen.

01 Announce 02

You may have already found some of the problems that were fixed through this release.

Just to the left of the See details link is the Get update link. This is where you click to actually get the new version. When I clicked on the link, I received the following screen.

01 Announce 03

Clicking on Download the installer will begin the download process.

My computer is using Windows 7, so this is what my download looked like.

01 Announce 04B

I clicked Yes here to continue.

01 Announce 05

I waited until the above screen completed the preparation, then the following screen appeared.

01 Announce 06B

I always click Next on this screen.

01 Announce 07B

I click Yes on this screen.

01 Announce 08B

I click Next on this screen.

01 Announce 09B

Here I reset the User Name because I set up my machine for my wife originally. Then I click Next.

01 Announce 10B

The Next buttons on the rest of the screens are all in the same place, so I just keep clicking until these screens all appear.

01 Announce 11B

01 Announce 12B

01 Announce 13B

01 Announce 14B

Then I wait for this next screen.

01 Announce 15B

I restart my computer by clicking Finish, and the installation is completed.
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  1. Jerry

    I have been using AQ since 2008. I recently “upgraded” to 14.00.13, but it is only the “free” portion. If you want to unlock the additional FS features, there is another upgrade. I don’t know if you have covered this elsewhere but registered users get the full upgrade for $19.95. The kicker here is that the AQ Manual is an additional $9! Honestly, you would think a manual would be included! Have you used the manual? Wondering if it is worth the price.

    • I have the Ancestral Quest version 14 manual. It has 503 pages. It is well written, and covers things I still didn’t know about after teaching Ancestral Quest for two years. I haven’t heard of any updates to the book since the church changed over to the Family Tree database. Those differences are very minor, from the user point of view. The biggest change I have seen is the screen where you merge records on the Family Tree. That screen looks very much like the screen in Family Tree which performs the same function. Most users of genealogical software use a small subset of the functions available. For them, the book would be extraneous. For those interested in using the full power of the program, the manual would be a good investment. I was a computer programmer, so I like to know about features, even if I don’t use them. I have never been sorry that I got the manual.

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