Family Tree Day

Family Tree Day – 1 Jul 2013

If everything goes as scheduled, as of 1 Jul 2013, the API for  the new.familysearch (nFS) database is now read-only. Up until this day, we were able to use older versions of third party software to update the nFS database, and that database would in turn provide values for the Family Tree. Changes made by newer third party software, changes made directly to Family Tree, showed up in nFS.

I am writing this on Sunday, 30 Jun 2013, so I can’t actually test out my next statement, but it is what I believe to be true.

If  I understand things correctly, changes made to Family Tree will no longer be written back to the nFS database. It is for all intents and purposes, frozen.

Along with this historic change, comes another change. Ancestral Quest version 14.00.12 is now available. This release was timed to coincide with the change of the API, making nFS read only. If you haven’t done so, please start Ancestral Quest. When the News screen appears, click on the Get Update text to receive this newest release.

The following screen from Incline Software explains the changes.

Changes 14 00 12

As with prior versions, AQ 14.00.12 is still able to show you values from the nFS database. Take advantage of this ability while it is here. After the end of the year, this information will be unavailable for such things as viewing other opinions about where and when events occurred. This is also one of the few ways available to see where two individuals have been erroneously merged. Two clusters of dates and places for an event could be a good indication that this is what happened.


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  1. Annette Christensen

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date.

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