AQ Version 14.00.11

AQ 14.00.11 is here

When Ancestral Quest 14.00.10 became available, with access to the Family Tree, it was a major programming effort. Gaylon Findlay, the creator of Ancestral Quest, referred to it as a lobotomy.  As a programmer, I would expect minor corrections to be needed when the general public has a chance to use the software in real life conditions. That is what version 14.00.11 is about, and as we continue to put AQ through its paces, there may be other changes.

As you may have experienced, the Family Tree is a moving target. As it improves, those improvements will be reflected in Ancestral Quest, and other third party software. Those changes will also require changes to Ancestral Quest. Be sure to install each new release as it comes, so that you can take full advantage of improvements.

The latest release came with the following explanation concerning what is new in this release:

0022 Changes to 14 11




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  1. Anonymous

    Has AQ been officially certified to share data with FamilySearch Family Tree? Does FamiIy Search recognize them fully at this time? Also, I have been hearing about AncestorSync, how does it work with AQ and FSFT. Is it a problem with the AQ people since PAF has
    been discontinued?
    I have been teaching AQ in our library. This last week I have been getting crossed messages about the program..
    Please help me, I have called and called AQ but have not been able to reach anyone. Tomorrow I prepare to teach the other missionaries and people who come to learn about AQ. I would really appreciate getting help, and answers, in order to truthfully and fully answer their questions and concerns.

    • Go to and click on the link on the right of the page, which shows the products which work with the church databases. You will see that Ancestral Quest is certified by the church for both LDS Ordinances and for Tree Share, using Family Tree. If you used PAF from version 4.0 on, you were using code donated by Incline Software to the church, and altered slightly, then released as PAF for Windows. Ancestral Quest is the logical next step for people who are already familiar with PAF.

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