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Family Tree Access is Here

If you haven’t yet downloaded version 14.00.10 of Ancestral Quest, please do it now. The new version is unique. It directly accesses and updates the Family Tree (FT). It also accesses the old FamilySearch database (nFS).

The values moved from nFS to FT were the summary values seen in, where they were available. Where summary values had not been selected, it appears that the value moved to FT was chosen randomly. I haven’t heard whether there even was a selection criteria, but my inspection indicates that sometimes dates with no associated place were selected, when the same date with a place was available. I have seen incomplete and non-standard place names selected when complete, standardized places were available. My personal feeling was that about 60% of the records in my file had values selected for Family Tree that I would not have chosen.

This release, like the 14.00.9 version, has the ability to select values from either the nFS database, or from your own local file, to update the values in Family Tree. This is done by clicking the Set Family Tree button. See my previous posting Family Tree Preparation. This function still works.

The ability to select from nFS is scheduled to end at the end of 2013. The ability to write to the nFS database is scheduled to end on (after?) June 30, 2013. If you want to correct any errors in the values selected for your family, it will be much easier if you do it between now and the end of the year, while the alternate opinions are still available.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am not able to update my AQ14,,,I click on the update button and nothing happens. Any ideas?

    • I have never seen this before. I wonder if you are clicking on the word “Update” at the left side of that line on the News screen. To get the update, you need to click on the words “Get Update” near the middle of that line.

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