AQ Version 14.00.9

AQ Version 14.00.9 is now available.

On 20 Mar 2013, Incline Software released version 14.00.9 of Ancestral Quest. This change does not involve a change to the Application Program Interface, however it does have corrections for some minor bugs in the last release.

Version 14.00.9 is not yet (23 Mar 2013) installed at the Ogden FamilySearch Library. When it is installed, there will be some minor changes to the Ancestral Quest default Preferences selected at the FamilySearch Library. Presently, Ancestral Quest will, by default, restore files to the AQ Data folder inside the My Documents folder.  This default leaves user files vulnerable to being lost if the server should for any reason need to be re-booted. During the installation of the 14.00.9 version, this default will be changed. The AQ Data folder will be moved to the ‘Thawspace’ drive. With this change, user files will survive a restart on the server or on the local machine. If we should have a power outage, for example, the subsequent restart will not overwrite user files. If they survived the power outage, they will survive the restart. This change in file location will be transparent to users.

Of course, this change of location for user files applies only to the Ogden FamilySearch Library. The location of these files on your personal computer will remain as you have set it.

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