AQ Version 14.00.8

AQ Version 14.00.8 is now available.

This change is, in part, because the church has instructed third party vendors that they can no longer combine individuals in the database. Since this is a change in the way Ancestral Quest can affect database records, it is highly advisable for you to download AQ version 14.00.8 before making any changes on the database. If you don’t, the effect may be undesirable.

Yes, I had to check those two words!

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  1. Loleath Toots Brundage

    Hi!!! Long time no see. I think I am finally getting over my asthma problem. Is there a charge for this change and do they have a new manual coming out. I haven’t bought one yet.

    • Hi Sister Toots!

      The download is free. There is a version 14 manual. Click on the Incline Software tab at the top of any page. There is a link there called ‘Online orders, etc.‘ Click on that link to see their selection of products.

      Next time you come to the FamilySearch Library, talk to me about Asthma.

  2. Richard Durrans

    Thanks for the info Dale. As yet AQ has not sent us an update link. I assume they will.

    • On the Tools -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous tab, set the ‘Automatically check for product updates every 30 days’ to be every 1 days.’ This will cause AQ to check once every day that you run the program, to see if there is a new version. If there is, it will show up on the ‘News’ page when you start the program. The top line of this page tells you if your version is current. If it is not, there will be a section on that line which says: Get Update. Click on this to get the update. If you don’t want to wait for tomorrow, please set the preference value to 1 anyway. Next, click on the Internet tab of the Menu Bar, then select Check for Latest AQ Release. This will go out and check your version right now.

  3. Annette Christensen

    Thank you very much.

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