New Policy

New Policy

The Ogden FamilySearch Library has received instructions that we are to no longer sell software and books from software vendors. We will fulfill our commitment to those who were enrolled in classes at the time we received those instructions, on approximately 20 Feb 2013. After those classes have ended, the remaining software and books will be returned to the vendors.

Suggestions/Questions about AQ Will Do or Subjects discussed here? Leave a Comment.


  1. I appreciate the Ancestral Quest tips and tricks posted on this blog, given that I live nowhere near any experienced users of the program (that I know of – in the middle of Georgia USA).

    • Thank you Betsy
      Let me know if there is anything particular that you would like to see discussed.

  2. Richard Durrans

    I’m not surprised by that.

    • That’s 10 (binary) of us.

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