Family Tree Preparation

Family Tree Preparation

This is not a typical AQ Will Do posting.

I am concerned about the things I am seeing when I look at the data that will be transferred from the database to the Family Tree. As I have looked through my own family records, I have seen many things with which I disagree. I have seen ‘abt’ dates selected when actual dates were available. I have seen incorrect place names selected, when the correct place-name was available. I have seen incomplete place names selected when complete place names were available.

It is up to us to verify that the information being moved to the Family Tree will be accurate and complete.

I am including two links which I hope will be helpful in clarifying both the problems and the possible solutions.

The FIRST LINK is to an article in Meridian Magazine entitled ‘3 Things to Know Before Family Tree Replaces New Family Search’ which will help clarify the situation. The SECOND LINK is to a video from Incline Software which will show the Ancestral Quest way of correcting the problems.

We don’t know when access to the database will be terminated, so this may or may not be critical, but I for one, am not about to risk losing access to the available data, just because I decided to wait. I’m six generations back in my pedigree, but that is only direct line and their children. The amount of work not completed is far greater than the amount I have done so far. Important information could easily be removed from my access if I don’t hurry.

Do you want the information about your ancestors to be complete and accurate? Time may be short!

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  1. Annette Christensen

    Thank you very much!!

    • I don’t think many people are aware of how much more difficult it will be after the records are no longer available. I’m also pretty sure that most people are not aware that does not show users all of the information that is there.

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