Tools – Preferences – InfoBox

How to – Preferences – InfoBox

Preferences… are reached through the Tools tab on the Menu bar.

01 MenuBar

Clicking on Tools > Preferences… will present the Preferences screen. If it is not already showing, click on the InfoBox tab.

02 Box

This screen controls the presentation of the InfoBox. The InfoBox is similar to the information presented in the Family view for the highlighted person.

03 Family

The InfoBox is presented in the Pedigree view. It comes in two varieties, and it can be summoned in two ways. The first variety is called Dates Only.

04 Dates

For deceased persons, it contains the date and place of birth, the date and place of marriage, the MRIN, the date and place of death, and if requested, the LDS ordinance codes. It does not contain the age at marriage or the age at death.

05 DatesFamily

The second variety is called Dates and Family Info. It adds a drop-down list of spouses with their MRIN, and a sliding list of children and their RIN. The children’s list includes a < for children with descendants. For living persons the InfoBox remains the same size, with blank spaces where appropriate.

The first way to summon an InfoBox is called Floating. This is done by hovering the cursor above the name of a person in the Pedigee view. The hovering time required before the presentation of the InfoBox is specified in tenths of a second in the Wait Time: field. The Floating InfoBox disappears when the cursor is moved away from the name.

The Locked Infobox appears when the name of a person on the Pedigree screen is clicked. It disappears the next time the Pedigree screen is clicked.

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