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How to – Preferences – Miscellaneous

Preferences… are reached through the Tools tab on the Menu bar.

01 MenuBar

Clicking on Tools > Preferences… will present the Preferences screen. If it is not already showing, click on the Miscellaneous tab.

02 Misc

The top check box causes Ancestral Quest to present a notification screen whenever you open a read-only file. You must then acknowledge that screen to continue. If this box ix not checked, the file still opens, and is read-only, but there is no notification screen.

03 Options

There are two check boxes in the Program Options section. The first, when checked, causes AQ to retrieve the system date when the program opens. Ancestral Quest compares this to the last date AQ was used, and calculates how many days that has been. It then compares that number to the number in the box. (Default 30 days) If it has been that many days, or more, AQ will go to the Internet and check to see if there is a more recent version of Ancestral Quest available. The result of that inquiry is displayed on the News screen.

I set this box to 1 so that it will check for a new release each day that I run Ancestral Quest. I do this because I access the database at the website. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in the process of moving data from that database to the Family Tree database. This requires changes to the Application Program Interface which facilitates interaction between those databases, and Ancestral Quest and other programs. As the API changes, Ancestral Quest must be changed to access the data in new ways. If you don’t check this box and set the number of days to 1, you could be running AQ with a version that can’t talk to the API, and your program will report an error when you try to read from, or write to that database.

The next check box is Show Language List on Views. Ancestral Quest is available in several languages. If you want to run it in another language, you must first select that language as the active language. If this box is checked, the language selection drop-down window is shown on the Family view and the Pedigree view.

04 Language

To change languages, open the drop-down list and click on the language of your choice. If it isn’t there, consider translating it yourself, and offering your translation to others through Incline Software.

The next check box deals with access to If you have chosen to view the links to, either during program installation or through the View menu on the Menu bar, this box determines whether you will see the following screen.

05 Direct

The Always show this option screen check box shown here has the same effect as the one on the Miscellaneous tab of the Preferences screen.

06 Direct

I have a subscription to, so I pressed the second radio button. The result is a screen telling me that the page I was trying to access is no longer available.

07 Ancestry has been sold, and they no longer honor their agreement with Incline Software to provide that information. If you press the top radio button, you will be taken to the appropriate page, but you will have to have a subscription and sign in to actually see the documents.

If you do not press the Check for Living radio button, only records for deceased persons will be returned.

The last section on the screen deals with sources and citations. The top pair is for sources.

08 Citation

When you place the first source on any item, if the Show option dialog radio button is pressed, the following screen is presented.

09 FirstCitation

From here you can select from the list of existing sources, create a new source, or look at the short list of memorized sources. The check box on this screen will, in effect, press the Show the source list radio button, bypassing this screen in the future.

The bottom pair of radio buttons is for citations. Some documents, like census records, can be cited for more than one person or more than one fact. In this case, you can create a new citation for each person or fact, or you can point to the same citation for each. I prefer to use only one citation for multiple people or facts, so I don’t press the Always create new citation radio button, I press Allow selection from list of citations. PAF (.paf) files do not have this option. They bring up the dialog box to create a new citation for each.

When creating a citation, Ancestral Quest allows you to ‘memorize’ the citation. This places it in a short list of recent memorized citations. Checking the ‘Use Memorized’ automatically uses the last memorized citation box selects the last memorized citation without giving you a list from which to select.

The last check box insures that your list of citations will be as short as possible, by merging duplicates. If this is checked and you import a GEDCOM which originated in a PAF file, it will merge any duplicate citations as part of the import process.

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  1. Richard Durrans

    Bro. Macentire: this question is not about your current postings. I wanted to give my daughter copies of my AQ files on her, both in Pedigree chart form with her as #1 person, and also in Family Group. I have run into a problem. Apparently when I entered her info I put her current husband first, and then went back and entered her first husand. Now when I want to print out the Pedigree chart it shows the 2nd husband as No. 1. How do I change this? My e-mail

    • I sent an email to answer this. I hope it gives the answers you need.

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