Translating AQ 4

How to Translate Ancestral Quest Text

OK, the first three translation articles covered the easy part. This is where it starts to get interesting. As before we begin by clicking on Tools > Language > Edit (Translate) Language File.

Next we enter our Owner ID and Password. Don’t forget to update the Date of Last Changes field.

When I click on Close, the Translate from Original English to ExampleLanguage screen appears. I highlight one of the items and click the Translate Text… button.

Look at the boxes labeled Translation and Parameters.

The %ld parameter in the Translation box is intact, so the Paste button in the Parameters box is grayed out.

With the parameter altered, the Paste button becomes active. This works just like the paste in any other program. If I put the cursor where the d was removed from the %ld parameter, then I click Paste, this is the result.

I have to compare the Original English Language text with the Translation, and paste the parameter where it belongs, with no extraneous characters.

Not all text which should not be translated is included as a parameter. In the example below, Incline Software, LC is the name of the company, and should not be translated.

The words a product of should be translated. Notice that there are items which have leading spaces.

These spaces are part of the text, however, when you take them to the Translate Text screen, the spaces are not there.

Also notice that the (double quote) is shown below the line of text. Now lets change the word List to Last. then click on the Save button.

The new text is listed next to the old text, and the new text is in quotes,

including the , which is part of the text. The spaces before the text have been restored by Ancestral Quest.

Notice the & in the word Chi&ld. This indicates that the l will be underlined. As we saw previously, no character can be underlined more than once on a screen. Since we don’t know exactly where this text will be used, it is not safe to translate this word and then place the & before some other letter. There is no way for you to predict what other letters may be underlined on the screen where this text will be presented. You may want to discuss things you don’t understand with Incline Software.

There are three B text items. How do you translate one letter? I highlight the first B and click the Translate Text… button.

Without making any changes, I will click on the Save button.

The B which I “translated” is moved to the bottom of the list, and I see that the B was really the abbreviation for the word Baptism. I do the same for each B.

The result is not what I may have expected. The final B has no clue to help me with the translation, so I will leave it unchanged until I learn from Incline Software what it stands for. Since my language is Norwegian, I change the B for Birth to F for Fødsel, and I change the B for Baptism to D for Dåp.

I now see the translated initials in quotes.

This is a good time to look at one of the sorting options, so I click on the Options… button.

The default option was Sort by Original English, but I want to see what the Sort by Translation option will do.

It moves the translated text to the bottom of the list, sorted alphabetically. I’ll return to the default sort order.

There are some lines of text which have several items separated by the | vertical bar. In the first line, Bismark, North Dakota and USA need no translation, but the three letter abbreviation for September may be different in your language. In the next two lines the numbers are used by the Ancestral Quest program for some purpose which is beyond the scope of translation.  Don’t touch them. BK, however, appears to be a two letter abbreviation for Book. Both BK and Book should be translated if they are different in your language. BL appears to be a two letter abbreviation for Bounty-Land File, and both need translation.

Note that C: sorts below both C and C&lear. Punctuation should not be changed unless it is clearly not appropriate in your language. In this case, the C: appears to be referring to the C: drive.

Well, that covers about all of the common situations. For the individual questions which will inevitably arise while translating, you can get help from

I hope that some of you will feel brave enough to attempt this. It is one of those things that can be personally rewarding, and beneficial to many others.

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