OFSL AQ Standard Updated

Ogden FamilySearch Library AQ Standard

Small Update – Big Difference

This posting is for patrons at the Ogden (Utah, USA) FamilySearch Library.

I have made a small change to how Ancestral Quest runs at the Library.  When you start Ancestral Quest, you tell it whether to open your database or restore it from your backup. Our standard is for you to restore from a backup. In Tools -> Preferences -> Files and Folders, the default is still for AQ to find your backup file in the AQ Backups folder in the first flash drive attached to the computer. This has not changed. The change is that Ancestral Quest no longer expects to open your database in the P:\AQ Data folder. Your file will now open in the AQ Data folder inside the My Documents folder. There is more space available in this folder.

The AQ Data folder also contains the folders shown above and the Abraham.aq file.

If you export records via GEDCOM, they will by default be placed into the AQ GEDCOMs folder. If you write reports to a file, the file goes by default to the AQ Reports folder. If you create a web page, it will go to the AQ WebPages folder.

The Abraham.aq file is used to show how images are attached to sources and source citations. This file references images located in the Abraham folder which is found inside the Images folder, which is inside the AQ Data folder in My Documents. This is easier to see than to say.

The actual use of this new standard will be transparent. After you highlight your backup file and tell AQ to restore it, AQ will ask you if you want to open it in the AQ Data folder in the My Documents folder. Just accept the default, and it will open the file properly.

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