Translating AQ 3

How to Translate Ancestral Quest Menus

Here we are again, translating Ancestral Quest into another language. In this lesson we will translate Menus. We start by clicking Tools > Language > Edit (Translate) Language File.

Next we enter our Owner ID and Password. Don’t forget to update the Date of Last Changes field.

When I click on Close, the Translate from Original English to ExampleLanguage screen appears.

Here I have clicked on the Plus Sign (+) in the box next to Menus, the + next to Main Menu (File Opened), and the + next to &File. I have highlighted &New…. As you go through this process, click on the text before you click on the +, and you will see that Menus and Main Menu (File Opened) are not items which can be translated, so the Translate… button is grayed out when you touch them. Both &Files and &New can be translated, and the button reads Translate…, not Translate Screen…. Menu translating involves only one item per Translate from Original English to… screen. Click on the &New text to highlight it, then click the Translate… button to bring up the Translate Text screen.

Translate New to whatever is correct in your language. The tricky part is getting the underlined characters to work. The English was &New with the underlined character being N. In my translation, the underlined character is still N, so I have no difficult choices to make. I continue to underline the N. You may wonder why this is a concern, since there is only one word here to translate. The reason is that all of the words which show up at a given level in the menu must be taken into consideration. See the illustration below.

All of the items next to the red line will be a part or the same (File) menu, so there can be no two of them with the same character underlined. If two or more of the same character are underlined, Ancestral Quest will not be able to tell which one you mean. See the menu in use below.

If you examine the menu, you will see that there are no characters underlined more than once. Note that for the six listed recent files, the number is underlined. There is no indication in the Translate screen that the Recent File items will have a number, or that that number will be underlined. Don’t make the mistake of using a number in your translation (for some crazy reason) and thinking you can get away with it.

Menu items are arguably the easiest to translate, but remember to expand every + and click each text line to see if it needs translation.

The next posting will be on the most difficult, and the most tedious part to translate. Text.

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