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Installing Ancestral Quest Updates

This morning when I started Ancestral Quest, I found that version 14.00.7 was available. I decided to post the process of installing an update for those of you who feel less than totally comfortable with this important, but seldom used process. This first screen, shown below, is the News screen. If you set the Tools -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> ‘Automatically check for product updates every‘ option to 1, then you will see this screen the first time you open Ancestral Quest on any given day. Leaving this value at the default of 30 will only delay you as much as 30 days, from getting an update which may include something you really need.

When this screen opens, you should check to see if there are updates available before you click away this valuable information.There are two links on the update line. I have never used the See details link, because the details are available on the Get update link. So that’s the one I click. That brings up this webpage.

There are two links on this page. I always Click here to see what is new.

After seeing what the update will do, I go back up the page and click on Download the installer. That brings up the screen where you choose which installation program you will download.

I always choose the larger installation file because I have a reasonably fast internet connection, and it insures that I have all of the latest and greatest AQ available. For those of you who worry about what to do if something goes wrong, I first clicked on Click here for troubleshooting instructions. The next three screens show what I learned.

Next I went back to the version selection screen, and chose to download the larger file.

I chose to Run the file instead of Saving it,  then it presented this screen:

I clicked on Next > and got this screen:

I clicked on Next > and got this screen:

I wasn’t fast enough to catch it while the green was going across the screen. This  next screen came up,

and I clicked on Next > again. That got me to this next screen:

I clicked on Yes to accept the License Agreement, and this came up:

I clicked on Next again, and finally came to a screen where I could do something.

I entered my name as the user. I highlighted the name of the manufacturer of my computer. I deleted that name, then I clicked on Next.

Back to clicking on Next!

I leave this as Typical Setup, and again I click on Next.

I leave this set as Accessories, and click on Next.

I can see from this screen that I actually forgot to delete the name of the Hewlett-Packer Company, even though I told you that I did. Too late to change that, and besides, it doesn’t matter, so I click on Next again.

Oops! I forgot that I can’t update a program which is still running.

I went to the upper right corner, and clicked on the red X to remove the News screen, then I clicked on the red X which is way up in the right corner, and not shown here, to end Ancestral Quest.

With Ancestral Quest safely out of the way, I returned to the Files in Use screen and clicked on Retry.

I watched the progress of the installation.

Since I chose the larger installation file, I knew that I still had to install the Collaboration files, so I clicked on the ‘No, I will restart my computer later‘ button, then I clicked on Finish. I waited for a short time, then the installation process began again. This time it installed the Collaboration files, and the process was shorter, because it already knew my name from the prior installation. The process completed, and I restarted my computer. When my computer came back up from the reboot process, I ran the new ancestral Quest, and clicked on Help -> About Ancestral Quest….

That brought up the screen where I could check  my version number.

I successfully updated my Ancestral Quest program, and you can too. There is no charge for this update. It doesn’t care whether you are running the full Ancestral Quest program or the Ancestral Quest Basics version. If you have the paid version, this update will retain the key, and still run as the paid version.

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