New Videos

New Ancestral Quest Videos

You need to see these!

There are new videos from Incline Software, the company which produces Ancestral Quest. I have provided links to these videos for your convenience. The FIRST explains many of the new features available in version 14 of Ancestral Quest. The SECOND Gives important and timely information on how you can ensure that the information which goes to the new Family Tree is the information you want to see there.

The first video includes these features:

By clicking on Research Timeline you can learn how to view your ancestors in the context of the history which was unfolding around them.

Color Coding can help you to identify which branch of your family you are seeing when you are deep into the maze of the pedigree chart.

Tags can help you to organize your ancestors according to some common factor of your choosing.

Ancestral Quest has included the Fan Chart for many years, but there are improvements which you will want to try out in version 14.

There are two remaining sections of the first video which talk about FamilySearch. The first discusses general enhancements.

The second section discusses enhancements, specific to LDS users.

The second video discusses how you can specify what information you would like transferred to the new Family Tree.

This video also explains the relationships between PAF files, Ancestral Quest files,  the database, and the Family Tree.

Take some time, and watch these videos, to better understand and use the new features in Ancestral Quest version 14.

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