AQ Portable

Ancestral Quest – A Portable Application

Typically, when we buy a software product, we either download it over the internet, or we get it on CD/DVD. We then run the installation program. This program places the executable and its supporting files into a folder which is typically located somewhere in a folder named either Program Files or Program Files (x86). During this process, information used by the program is stored in the Windows Registry, (beware all ye who enter, for here be dragons) or elsewhere on the local C: drive. Such programs are now tied to this particular machine, because the Windows Registry or C: drive on someone else’s machine will not contain that information.

Portable applications store their program files and configuration information on the storage medium alone, so they can be stored on a flash drive, and executed from there.

Ancestral Quest is a portable application. To take advantage of this fact, do the following:

Install Ancestral Quest on your computer as if it were not a portable application.

Start Computer or My Computer (depending on your operating system) and examine the directory of the C: drive.

Open (double click) the folder Program Files or Program Files (x86) depending on your operating system.

Open the  folder Incline Software.

Copy the Ancestral Quest 14 folder (or the most recent folder) to your flash drive or external drive.

This folder contains a file called ancquest.exe. The file directly above it is called ancquest.chm. If your operating system is set to hide commonly used file suffixes, you will see two files which appear to have the same (ancquest) name. The second one is the one you want. Double click on it, and Ancestral Quest will run. It will have the same functionality as the program you left on your C: drive. If you had Ancestral Quest Basics on your C: drive, you will have it here, on your flash/external drive. If you had the paid version on the C: drive, you will have it here, on your flash/external drive.

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  1. marjean

    Thank you for helping me. I,m excited to learn how to do my family history. Will you be available tomorrow [thursday]?Can you do it around twelve?

    • I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you today. I got this message at 8:57 PM. I’m typically at the FamilySearch Library on Thursdays, but today it was snowing here in Centerville, and I worked on other things here at home. I’ll be there next on Monday, but I don’t know for sure what time.

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