PAF or Ancestral Quest?

Which should I use, and Why?

Many people were first introduced to genealogical record keeping on a computer through the Personal Ancestral File program, PAF.  They followed it through many changes and improvements, and they felt comfortable using it, clear up to version 5.2.18.

Then came FamilySearch. PAF doesn’t do FamilySearch.

People started using add-in products with PAF, to access the Family Tree.

Ancestral Quest is an add-in to PAF. It can be used with PAF to access the Family Tree.

It is also a stand-alone program.

To see the relationship between PAF and Ancestral Quest, click on the History page at the top of this posting.

Should the users of PAF stay with PAF or move to Ancestral Quest? How do the two programs compare? If a PAF user decides to try Ancestral Quest, should it be the paid version, or will the FREE version, Ancestral Quest Basics, do?

The following screen is from Incline Software, the company which produces Ancestral Quest.

This screen compares Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basics. Clicking the Include PAF in Comparison button will do just that. Use the slider on the right to see more capabilities compared. Note that this comparison chart was created for version 12.1 of Ancestral Quest, and does not include any of the new features in version 14.

Click on this LINK to see it for yourself.

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