How To – Reports in Ancestral Quest

One topic missing from the online video tutorials is Reports. Reports are accessed by clicking the Reports icon on the Toolbar.

The Reports icon is the printer shown in the red square above. The available report types are listed at the top of the Reports and Charts screen.

The Page of Testimony tab appears only if Enable Page of Testimony has been selected in Tools -> Preferences -> General. If this is selected, there are 14 report and chart types. Each report type has a set of options from which the user can choose. These will appear in the options block identified by the blue box below.

Eight of the report types have a Common Options button.

Clicking on this button brings up a set of options common to these eight report types.

Click on the report type tab, in this case Family Group, to bring up the options for that report type.

Some report types, such as the Family Group report type, will bring up special selection screens based on data content, such as multiple marriages on a report which shows only one of the marriages.

The buttons in the block shown in red above, are used to control the actual formatting and presentation of the reports.

Note that the button in blue allows the user to Preview the report before printing. It is advisable to always Preview reports which will eventually go to the printer. This will sometimes save you many printed pages, when you see something in the Preview which is not exactly what you wanted on the report.

Which buttons will be active, depends upon what report type you are using. The Photos… button is available only on the Scrapbook report.

Clicking Photos… lets you control sizing and placement of photos.

Formatting for some reports is controlled on the options block for that report.

For instance Box Styles is available on the Scrapbook, Ancestry and Descendants reports.

The Destination box is used to select the output for the report. Here you choose whether to print the report on the printer, preview the report on the screen, send the report to a PDF file, a text file, a rich text file, or a WordPerfect file.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the reports. Preview the reports, while you are experimenting, instead of printing them, and you can find the reports and presentation options which you like, without wasting paper.

Future postings will deal with specific reports.

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  1. John Mathews

    Thank you for this important information. I have moved out of Ogden and am now in Mesa Arizona. I miss our Monday lessons together. I will continue to enjoy and learn from your E-mails. Thank you again for all you do.

    John Mathews

    • Thank you, John. Is this something you do in the winter to stay warm, or is this more permanent? From time to time, I will have more posts about what AQ will do. If there is anything specific you would like to see, just put it in another comment.

    • By the way John
      You can enter in your browser address bar, and see the posting as it was meant to be seen, instead of the way it looks in an email.

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