Nu 2 AQ – FS Set Summary

Set Summary – Family Tree Values in AQ

From the Review with FamilySearch screen, you are able to see the values which show in the Summary screen in new.FamilySearch. These are the values which will be seen in the Family Tree. To help you prepare for this transition, Ancestral Quest also lets you Set the value which will be in the Summary view. To illustrate, lets look at the record of my great grandfather.

You can see from the Color Coding that he is part of the family of my mother’s father.

To review his record, I click on the Family Tree icon. This icon shows me that he is linked to the Family Tree.

Ancestral Quest show me seven Date/Place combinations for his birth. The first, 12 Aug 1863, Payson, Utah, Utah, is bold. This shows me that this is the birth which shows in his Summary view in new.FamilySearch. This is also the value which will be in the Family Tree, if it isn’t changed by me or someone else first.

This is his Detail view in new.FamilySearch. Note that new.FamilySearch shows only two Date/Place combinations for his birth. Ancestral Quest showed seven. The routines do not show you as much as Ancestral Quest does.

This is the Summary view. It shows the birth as 12 Aug 1863 in Payson, Utah, Utah.

This is the same record seen as the Family Tree. It has the same Date/Place of birth.

When I return to the review screen in Ancestral Quest, I can see that at the bottom of the screen there is a Set Summary button.

Clicking the Set Summary button brings up the Set FamilySearch Summary Values screen.

The * before the Date/Place for his birth shows that this is the currently selected Summary value. Ancestral Quest is now showing eight Date/Place birth combinations. The Date/Place previously not shown is 12 Aug 1863, Payson, Utah,UT, with no space after the comma before UT, and both U and T in upper case. This was deemed the same as …Utah, UT. Note that this screen also shows the Date/Place of birth from my local AQ file. If this local value had been in [square] brackets, that would have meant that it was the same as a value listed above in new.FamilySearch. Since it was not in [square] brackets, I can select it as my choice for the Summary value, by clicking on it.

There is now a + before the Date/Place I selected. When I click the Set Summary Values on FamilySearch button, my local value becomes the one which will show in the Summary view of new.FamilySearch, and therefore in the Family Tree.

Ancestral Quest now shows my local value as the Summary value.

The Details view of new.FamilySearch also shows my local file value.

The Summary view in new.FamilySearch shows my local value.

The Family Tree also shows my local value.

We are only days away from the time when the Family Tree will become available to everyone, and will probably be shut off at about the first of 2013. Now is the time to verify that the values that will go in to the Family Tree will be the ones you want to see. If they are not, Ancestral Quest can help you correct them.

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