Nu 2 AQ – Update LDS Ordinances

Ancestral Quest – Update Ordinances

Smarter – Faster – Easier

A new button in the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System will let you select a group of people in your file and have Ancestral Quest automatically update all the LDS ordinances for those individuals in your file that are linked to records in new FamilySearch. Click FamilySearch on the Menu bar. Click Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System. This brings up the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System screen.

Click the Update Ordinances button. This brings up the Update LDS Temple Ordinances screen.

There are two radio buttons in the Records to Update box on this screen. One selects All records in the file. When this radio button is pushed, the number in the middle of the screen shows the number of records in the file. This could be many more than are actually linked to the Family Tree. The other radio button updates Selected records in the file. If the Selected radio button is pushed, the Select… button goes active. Clicking Select… brings up the Search for Individual screen.

This screen can select one or more individuals from the file, using Selections by Relationship, Field Selections and Selections By Combining Methods. Using these combinations, almost any group of individuals can be selected. After defining the group, click OK, and return to the Update LDS Temple Ordinances screen. This will show the number selected.

Make your selections from the three check squares. The first check square will copy baptismal confirmation and initiatory ordinance information into the Other Events. The second check square changes Submitted ordinance dates to In Progress. The third causes Ancestral Quest to create a list of ordinances which are updated. After making your choices,click Update Ordinances. The Update LDS Temple Ordinances screen comes up.

Ancestral Quest shows which record it is currently working on. When it finds a record with information from the temple records which can fill in missing or partial information from your file, it presents the Confirm Update of LDS Temple Ordinances screen.

The check boxes on this screen indicate that this piece of information is going to be moved into your local file. If you do not want this to happen, un-check the square.

When the checks are where you want them, click either the Update or the Update All button.

Once you have accepted an offered update, Ancestral Quest looks to see if you wanted a printed report.  If you did, Ancestral Quest asks what to name the report and where to place it.  AQ continues to ask whether you want to accept offered updates until you click Update All instead of Update.  When the process is finished, Ancestral Quest reports how many records were updated. If you asked for a report, it is presented to you, and it immediately overlays the window showing how many were updated.

After viewing this report, cancel out to see the number of records updated

This process does not overlay anything you already have in the ordinance date and place fields. It Saves a lot of time and effort when compared with individual updates of changed ordinance information.  Try it.

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  1. Annette Christensen

    Thank you, I did it. Just followed your instructions step by step. It is working. Thanks again.

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