AQ-PAF File Types

Ancestral Quest – PAF File Types

Ancestral Quest can use both .paf and .aq file types. When Ancestral Quest uses the .paf file type, it can do everything that PAF can do to that file type, plus more. PAF can’t store the Family Search Identification number in the .paf file format, but Ancestral Quest can. This fact makes Ancestral Quest a very valuable Add-In to PAF.

To see this work, you need to be using a machine that has both PAF and Ancestral Quest installed. While running PAF, click on the Tools tab in the Menu bar. You will see Ancestral Quest listed as an Add-In to PAF. Click on Ancestral Quest. PAF Closes the file you are using, and Ancestral Quest opens it. Using that same file, Ancestral Quest can link the records in your .paf file to the Family Tree. It stores the key to the Family Tree record in the .paf file. When you close Ancestral Quest, and return to PAF, you will not be able to see the value of that key, but when you go back to Ancestral Quest, you will. Any records you retrieve from the Family Tree will remain in the .paf file, but you will be unable to see the linking value while you are in PAF. If you retrieve values for data items from the Family Tree, they will be available in PAF.

There are two types of differences between PAF, and Ancestral Quest using a .paf file. The first type is where the old code in PAF doesn’t include functions to do things that Ancestral Quest can do with that same data. This would include things like sorting the Name List view on any field, and on up to three fields at a time.

The second type includes things like storing the child’s relationship to each parent separately, instead of just as a relationship to the marriage record. A child with a step father is still the biological child of its mother, but there is no way to show both relationships in a .paf file. Some things require new types of information to be stored in the .paf record, and there simply isn’t room for it.

Ancestral Quest does not need to be used only as an Add-In to PAF.  It also functions as a free standing database program.

For a more complete listing of the differences between the two file formats and computer programs, click on THIS link, then click on Include PAF in Comparison.  Use the slider on the right to see all comparisons. This comparison chart does not, at this time, include information about version 14 features.

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