Nu 2 AQ – Quicker Access to Ordinances

Parent/Spouse – The Fast Way

From the Pedigree view or the Family view, Click on the Family Tree icon of a linked person. This will bring up the Review and Selectively Synchronize FamilySearch Person with Local Individual screen. From here you can now access information on sealings to Spouses and/or Parents.

In the family shown above, there is no Sealing to Parents: date on the Ancestral Quest file side of the screen. On the FamilySearch side there is a sealing date. To the left of that date, there is a Temple icon in a square.

Clicking on this icon will bring up the Download LDS Ordinances from FamilySearch screen.

The names as listed on the Ancestral Quest side are not exactly the same as the names on the FamilySearch side, so there is no matching family when the screen comes up. Click on the Parents pull down button on the FamilySearch side.

Click on the FamilySearch family that you want to match with your Ancestral Quest family .

FamilySearch retrieves the Sealing To Parents: information. Put a check in the Sealing To Parents: square and click Save.

Ancestral Quest moves the Sealing information to your file.

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