Large Reports – 64 bit

If you are using a 32 bit operating system, go to Large Reports – 32 bit.

There is a limit to how much you can print on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. Most people don’t have a way to print on paper larger than legal size at home. The solution is to let someone else print it for you. This will cost a few dollars, so shop around. You might look in your local yellow pages, or you might Google under Copying or Printers. You will be looking for someone who will accept a .pdf file as input for their printing service. Ask about paper sizes. Ask about transport medium. (Do I Email this to you or do I bring it to you on a flash drive?) Ask about prices. There is no reason to pay more if the quality is the same. (Unless it’s a family/friend kind of thing)

Once you have decided who will do your printing, how you will get it to them, and the paper size you will use, you are ready to do the Ancestral Quest part of the process.

If you are running a 64 bit Windows operating system, you will need to find a PDF program to replace the PDF-XChange 3.0 program which came with Ancestral Quest. I opted for PDF Complete, which cost me about $40.

So! Here’s one example of how to print on large paper.

Click on the Reports (printer) icon on the Tool bar. This will bring up the Reports and Charts screen. Click the Pedigree tab. Push the Fan radio button in the Chart Type box. Push the Half radio button in the Fan Type box, and check the 4-Color square. Change the Gens per page: to something over 7. Click the Search… button if the Starting Person is not the one you want. Click the Common Options button to set your preferences, then check the Siblings in first generation square in the Other Options box. Your Reports and Charts screen should look something like this:

In the Destination box, push the PDF File (.pdf) radio button.

If you have never sent a report to a .pdf file before from Ancestral Quest, you will want to click the Install a free PDF printer driver button. This will take you to an Incline Software web page which includes four options. I chose PDF Complete, which is not on the list. You can install any 64-bit PDF program, including one or more from the suggested four. Later in the process, AQ will show you a list of available printers, and any PDF programs registered on your system will show up as printers on that list.

If you already have a 64-Bit PDF program, you can skip this step. If your currently selected printer is a 64-Bit PDF program, click the Close button.

If you clicked the Select an installed PDF printer driver button because your currently selected printer is your system printer, now is the time to click the pull down button in the Printer box of the Print Setup screen.

Click the 64-Bit print driver of your choice. Click OK. This print driver is now your currently selected printer, and will print all reports until you deselect it. Even though the Printer/Screen radio button is pushed in the Destination box, the output is being intercepted by the PDF printer driver, and it is being converted into a .pdf file. Click Printer Setup… to select a larger page format. You cannot just click on the pull-down arrow for the Size: field in the Paper box, if you have not yet created a custom page the size you will need. To create this page option, click the Properties… button. Here you are working with the PDF printer driver you selected, so you are on your own. Mine looks like this.

Actually your printer/copying company told you about paper sizes. Here you are working with a roll of paper with a specific width. Give that width as the width of the custom page. Double that number and add two. Use the result for the length. This is because we asked for a half circle report. The radius of the circle must fit on the width of the page. The diameter of the circle must fit on the length, and that is twice the size of the radius. We add two inches so that we have space for a title. When your page is defined for your PDF printer driver, click OK or Yes or Done or whatever the program needs to accept what you created. This will return you to the Print Setup screen. Click the pull-down window, and find the custom page size you just created.

Click it.

The Print Setup screen now verifies that you will print to the PDF printer driver using the paper size you need. Click OK. This returns you to the Reports and Charts screen. We saved two inches for the title, so lets use it. Click the Titles… button. Be sure that the pull-down window in the Fonts for Pedigree (Fan Layout) screen has Title selected. Click the Change… button to bring up the font selection screen from your PDF printer driver. Set the size: to something like 72.

Click OK (or whatever) to accept the font size. Click OK to let Ancestral Quest know it is OK. At this point you may want to click Preview, but don’t. Instead click Print, because you are going to a file, not to paper.

This warning is about printers, not PDF files, so ignore it by clicking OK. Click OK again to get it all started.

Your PDF driver takes over, and you tell it where to store the file, and what name to give it.  Be sure that the file suffix remains .pdf. Congratulations! You built that!

Secondary click (Right mouse button for right-handers) on Test1  and open in a new window to see my version.

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