Gaylon Findlay

Ancestral Quest – Gaylon Findlay

Gaylon Findlay, founder of Incline Software, and author of Ancestral Quest, the program from which PAF was created, spoke at the Ogden FamilySearch Library Thursday, 6 Sep 2012.

He demonstrated features of the new Ancestral Quest 14.

He discussed the use of Tags, Color Coding, Fan Charts, Set Summary (yes it does), Discussions, Quicker access to Sealings, Updating LDS Ordinances, Timeline, and Ancestral Quest’s access to the new Family Tree.  There were many questions asked, and the answers were enlightening and thought provoking.

The Set Summary feature was particularly interesting to me. Not only does it allow you to set the values in the summary, but it gives you access to information not available through either or Family Tree. Think about that!

Sealing to Parents and sealing to Spouse is now available while syncing the individual.

The Update Ordinances button is a powerful tool for keeping synced with ordinance activity.

The Timeline feature is interactive in several ways.  It can be used for directly accessing values that need to be edited.  It allows for traversing the family tree. It is time and location sensitive, so that outside factors in the lives of ancestors become evident. It gives clues to sources of information on a person by person basis. The amount of information shown is controlled through options. Historical events and people can be added by the user.

Errors introduced by changes to the church’s database have a ‘work around’ in Ancestral quest, and the ‘work around’ is available by downloading the latest version, even if you choose to run it under your old version 12 key.

If you weren’t there you missed an excellent presentation.

Future posts at this blog will expand on information covered in Mr. Findlay’s presentation.

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  1. Trudy Fisher

    PINE VIEW STAKE is planning a Family History Fair in St. George on April 27. Would you be interested in participating in this event? I have used Ancestral Quest and appreciate the work you have done for PAF. Thank you

    • Trudy, Thanks for viewing AQ Will Do. Gaylon is not associated with this blog, except as the author of the software which is its subject. I have sent contact info to you via email.

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