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Tags – Surprisingly Useful/Easy

Before I found Ancestral Quest, I used another genealogical program. It had Tags. I never used them. I didn’t see any reason for them. You may be in that same situation.

When I saw Tags in AQ 14, I decided to try them out.  I remembered many years ago when my relatives on my mother’s side of the family created a little blue phone and address book for the family. I decided that I would like to create a Phone/Email directory, and send it out over the internet.

Back in those earlier days, I don’t remember anybody calling and asking if we would mind having our contact information sent all over the country. Times have changed, though, and I decided to include only those who told me personally, or through a spouse, that they wanted to be in the directory. They would also be the only ones to receive the directory, at least from me.

After some thought, I remembered that I have family on my father’s side too. I decided to make a directory for each side of my family.  That created an interesting situation. All of my father’s descendants are also descendants of his father. All of my mother’s descendants are also descendants of her mother. The descendants of my parents belonged in both directories.

I could make two directories, and send both of them to that select group, but then they would have to look in two directories instead of one.  The solution was three directories. The first directory would contain all of my mom’s mom’s descendants, and it would be sent to all of Grandma’s descendants, except Mom’s descendants. The second directory would contain all of my dad’s dad’s descendants, and it would be sent to all of Grandpa’s descendants, except Dad’s descendants. The third would contain all of Grandma’s and all of Grandpa’s descendants, and it would be sent only to Mom’s and Dad’s descendants.

Now, what about those Tags?

Before a Tag can be used, it should really stand for something. Click on Tools -> Tags. The Manage Tags screen appears.

The top half of the screen contains the Select individual record(s) to be affected box. Here you determine whether the actions you are about to take will affect the selected person, a selected list of individuals or all individuals on the file. The Selected person only radio button is always pushed when you enter this screen. That makes an OOPS more survivable.

The bottom half of the screen contains the Select a tag box. This box holds the Define Tags button, and a pull down window. Tags should be defined before they are assigned to records, so click on the Define Tags button. The Define Tags screen appears.

Each Tag has a number and a color. These will appear in various places on screens and reports as they are assigned. For this project I will need four Tags. The first Tag will be for the descendants of my dad’s dad, who have not given permission to be on the directory. The second Tag will be for descendants of my mom’s mom who have not given permission to be on the directory. The third and fourth tags will be for those people as they give permission.

I can select whichever Tag I want for any purpose. Click the Save button to return to the Manage Tags screen.

I click on the pull down window to see my list of Tags.  I select a Tag, and return to the Select individual record(s) to be affected box. I want all of the descendants of my dad’s dad to be eligible to be on the directory. I want only those 18 or older, and they must be living. I push the Individuals in selected list radio button, and two things happen. The Selected person box becomes the List of selected individuals box, and the Change button becomes the Create/Modify List button.

I highlighted George AB McIntyre from the list and chose Descendants in the Selections by Relationship box. This found 384 descendants, but some of them are deceased, and some are under 18, so I clicked on Define… in the Field Selections box. I selected living persons 18 or older, and looked for those who were in both groups. These are the 113 people who will receive the George – No Permission Tag.

I click on OK twice, and return to the Manage Tags screen, which shows me that 113 people are on my List of selected individuals. I click on Set, and wait for Ancestral Quest to tag those 113 people. When it is finished, I return to the Name list. I click Adjust Columns and Sorting, and open the General category. I select Tags from the Available Fields box of the Select the Fields you wish to view box, and position it just after RIN in the Shown Fields box. Now to sort that list. In the Available Fields box in the Select the Sort Order for the information box, open the General category and move it to the Sort Fields box. Click OK.

I next select a similar group for the George family, and I’m ready to ask for permission to place them on the directory.

In a future post we will explore The Custom Reports used to create the three directories and the list of people to phone/email seeking permission to include them.

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