Nu 2 AQ – Fan Chart

Ancestral Quest – Colorful New Fan Chart

Ancestral Quest 14 has an interesting new capability. It produces a Fan Chart. To get this report, click on the Printer icon on the Tool bar to bring up the Reports and Charts screen.

Click on the Pedigree tab. Notice the settings which are selected. The Chart Type radio button is set to Fan. The Fan Type radio button is set to Half, and the 4-Color box is checked. Gens per page is set to 4 and in the Other Options box, there is a check by Siblings in first generation. The Destination radio button is set to Printer/Screen. At this point, click the Preview button.

This is a fairly decent report, but a close inspection will show that the lines are not always straight.

Lets make things even worse.

Change the Gens per page value to 13, then press the Preview button.

Ancestral Quest warns that you can’t put that much information on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. Click the OK button, and see that it is true.

This can be corrected! In a future posting we will examining the art of printing on LARGE paper.

I would like to hear from you!

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