Nu 2 AQ – Timeline Report

Timeline – From Screen to Report

The Timeline view is available as a report. Click on the Reports and Charts icon (the printer). Click on the Timeline tab.

The Timeline Options button brings up the same Timeline Items screen that is used to configure the Timeline view.

The Edit Historical Items button allows the same types of edits on the external file which are allowed in the editing of the Timeline view.

The Timeline report follows the same format as the Timeline view.


  1. Don

    I have written to Incline about the timeline report. I first have to say that I am very, very pleased to see this addition to AQ. However, the implementation seems to contain a few issues.
    1. I would like to see Incline add some user-defined Event Categories. In suggesting this to them, I offered the opinion that the timeline could have a broader use than I believe that they have envisioned (as a tool for further research). My suggestion is that this timeline feature could well be used as a tool for preparing basic information prior to writing a genealogical narrative. In this regard, the user might want to include historical events in various categories such as family events, cultural events, events related to specific countries. The ability to create one’s own categories would make it a much more powerful tool.

    2. There seem to be some bugs with regard to report generation. For example, if one enters years only, rather than exact dates, the chronology messes up the sequencing. The software seems to randomly inter-sort year-only events with specific date events.

    3. Another problem with the report function is that if one records an event with considerable detail, perhaps running to two or more sentences, the report truncates this description and displays only the first portion of the entry.

    4. Finally, the reports, with all the options selected, seem to have some built in constraint which cuts off the report before all information is included. So, for example, in my own case, when I did the timeline for my life, and have made Event entries up to date, for some reason, the report stops recording anything after 2001, even though I have selected the option to include events after death.

    As I say, I have pointed these issues out to Incline, but they have so far not been able to address the issues — apparently having more urgent issues.

    • Don, thank you for your comments. It is by getting good input like this from users that software developers are able to more accurately serve the needs of their clientele. I know that Incline Software is fairly busy right now because of the changes coming up dealing with the transition from the FamilySearch database to the Family Tree. I also know that they respond to user input. Thanks also for your interest in my blog. I started it in August thinking that it would reach 20 or 30 former students. I hope you and others will also find these lessons helpful.

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