Nu 2 AQ – Timeline

Timeline – Life in Historical Perspective

PAF had three views: Family, Pedigree and Individual.

Ancestral Quest 12 had four views: Pedigree, Family, Name List and Individual.  The order was changed, and the Individual view actually let you see an individual, instead of what you now see in the Name List view.

Ancestral Quest 14 adds another view, the Timeline.

The Timeline is a chronological view of the events surrounding the life of the highlighted individual. The events shown can come from the lives of the highlighted Individual, Parents, Siblings, Spouses/Children and Grandchildren, as well as an outside file of events including: Genealogy Events, Historical Events, Historical Persons, LDS Events and LDS Persons.

The Options link at the upper left of the Timeline screen gives you control over which of these will be included, and the colors in which they will be shown.

The Edit Historical Items button opens the Timeline External Items editing screen.

Here you see the events and people in the file supplied by Ancestral Quest.  You can choose to not display any item on this list.  By clicking on the Add button you bring up the Add/Modify External Event for Timeline screen.

Here you can add/modify events and people of your own choosing, making it a truly personalized timeline.

The items in the Timeline view are interactive. To discover what this means, click on the items, and see how you can jump through your AQ data.

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